The First Summoning

Arcanologist Argius-ap Tarith’s report to High Arcanologist Brennen

After the Blizzard War, Rassilon was in an perpetual state of chaos for nearly hundred years. Famine, diseases, bandits and all kinds of monsters plagued the land. The surviving records from that time are scarce so it isn’t all that clear what else happened back then. Then I stumbled upon an old journal in our libraries. Although most of it’s pages were missing and the ones that weren’t were encrypted but I managed to get something out of it by decrypting some of it. It was a diary of an ancient elementalist who, for some reason, wished to remain anonymous.

The journal told about how the primitive bestial races of Rassilon, the beastmen, the lizardmen and the kreana conducted summoning rituals to summon manifestations of their barbaric gods to destroy the civilized races once and for all. The god avatars led massive hordes across Rassilon, destroying everything in their way. The armies of the civilized races were barely able to defeat the marauding beast races. However, their gods proved to be more difficult adversaries. It seemed like they were immune to every conceivable mundane and magical weapon. Finally, a group of twelve mages devised a counter-ritual that would send the avatars back to whatever plane they crawled out of. The ritual required great amounts of concentration and time. On top of all that, the counter-ritual had to be performed in the same place where the avatar first manifested. While the unified armies of the civilized races held the avatars at bay, the magi split into three groups. One group traveled to the Borderlands, one to the Great Marshes and the last group to the sunken ruins of the city of Alennor.

The pages about performing the counter-ritual are missing, but evidently it was a success. The avatars were banished and peace restored to Rassilon. At this time, the remaining eight mages (pages that reveal the fates of the four other magi are missing) began to suspect that somebody had taught the summoning ritual to the beast races and urged them to use it. As who the suspected culprit was is still a mystery as the pages concerning that are yet to be decrypted. Few years after the defeat of the beast races, the eight magi set up some kind of a magical safeguard as to ensure that the summoning ritual would never work again. As of what kind of a safeguard it is or where they are located exactly we’ll just have to find out for ourselves as the pages are detailing that missing. But the journal gives us some directions, at least. The magi set up six safeguards; two to the Borderlands, two to the Great Marshes, one somewhere near the southern coast and the last one to somewhere in the vicinity of the sunken city of Alennor. The safeguard system should stay on indefinitely, but if the system would shut down for some reason, the journal also describes a some sort key that is needed to restart it. This key seems to be buried alongside with an ancient Tuomi warlord somewhere in the Borderlands.

As the beastmen raids have intensified in the Borderlands during the last few weeks and according to rumors they seem to be taking prisoners, it could be that the safeguard has failed somehow and history is about to repeat itself. My suggestion is that we try to locate this key as soon as possible, find the safeguards and turn them back on before it is too late.

Arcanologist Argius ap-Tarith, 22. Haerfestmonan, 499 IR

The First Summoning

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