thecitadel.jpgThe great Citadel in the Brokentail Mountains

The art of constructing relics is a mystery to mages and priests alike. In a bid to prevent existing relics from being used to gain power and in order to study them to perhaps unlock the secrets of their creation, a group of elementalists forsook the Convocation and founded the Reliquary, an organization dedicated to locating, studying, and protecting permanent magic artifacts.

The Reliquary operates out of the Citadel, a great fortress in the Brokentail Mountains. Contained within are numerous libraries, laboratories, and vaults, the latter being guarded both by powerful magic traps and an order of soldiers known as the Guardians of the Arcane.

The organization is divided into three divisions, jokingly known as Finders, Keepers, and Seekers, each serving a specific role. Finders (more properly known as Reliqus) are tasked with retrieving relics from ruins or from their current owners. Seekers (known as Arcanologists) are sages, scholars, and archivists, devoted to unlocking the secret of artifact creation. Keepers (Guardians of the Arcane) act as a police force, making sure no one plunders the vaults of the Citadel.


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